Qlac Financial Trust Limited

Company Profile

QLAC Financial Trust Limited (QFT) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Quality Life Assurance Company Limited (QLAC) and Quality Insurance Company (QIC) which has the Ghana Catholic Bishop Conference as the majority shareholder. QLAC Financial Trust Limited (QFT) is licensed by the NPRA as a corporate trustee to privately manage and administer Tier 2 and Tier 3 pensions in Ghana.

Licensed in December 2014, QFT has over 700 privately owned business institutions on their books including some institutions of the Catholic Church in Ghana.

With strategic and financial strength as well as access to expertise and experience in pensions administration, QLAC Financial Trust Limited (QFT) is well positioned to deliver value for money to its customers in this relatively new industry.

QFT has state-of-the-art pension management and administration software, which allows for delivery of transparency, efficiency, innovation and excellence. We provide distinct business solutions that allow our investment managers and custodians to focus on their core mandate, whilst QFT provides the necessary supervisory and oversight responsibility to ensure the best value is delivered to our clients.

QFT prides itself in delivering on investment performance, customer centered solutions, operational efficiency and delivering value and excellence to our clients.

Our Mission

To Provide High Quality, Customer-focused pension trustee services and products that meet the retirement needs of its clients.

Our Vision

To be a visible player in Ghana’s pension and retirement benefits industry