Qlac Financial Trust Limited


The QFTL personal pension scheme is a 3rd tier voluntary savings and retirement plan administered by the Qlac Financial Trust Limited as a master trust scheme in accordance with the National Pensions Act 766 and guidelines issued by the National Pensions Regulatory Authority (NPRA).The objectives of the scheme are

  • To enable formal sector workers covered by the mandatory pension schemes to enhance their retirement benefits by making additional contributions towards retirement;
  • To assist self-employed persons in the informal sector save towards meeting their working capital needs and for a lump-sum benefit on retirement;
  • To invest and manage the contributions efficiently and to disburse the accumulated benefits to members or their beneficiaries in accordance with the pension law.


This scheme is open to all formal and informal sector workers


Contributions from formal sector workers are held in one account while contributions from informal sector workers are apportioned into two different accounts, namely, savings and retirement account.

Savings Account

The savings account holds member’s fund for a minimum of 2 years before a member can withdraw.

Retirement Account

The retirement account holds the member’s funds for a minimum of 5 years before any withdrawal can be made.

Contribution Amount

Minimum of GHS 50.00 a month.

Payment Method

Any Republic bank Branch in Ghana

MTN Mobile money via *170#

Shortcode *899*11#

Payment Frequency

Payment frequency depends on the individual. It could be monthly, quarterly or annually. Regular or upfront payment is encouraged.


A fair return on investment

24/7 Access to statements online

Quarterly statements via Email & SMS

Security of your fund is assured, as it is regulated by the NPRA.


Qlac Financial Trust has selected Fund managers for their expertise and knowledge of the investment market. Funds are invested according to the investment structure stipulated by the NPRA. Our minimum target is the Treasury bill rate plus 3% and our Fund managers have done a good job at meeting the target and even better.

How to Join

Complete a membership form and provide an ID card for verification.

This can be scanned and sent to us via email at [email protected] or whatsapp or brought to our office at the Centenary House with Digital Address GA-237-2224.

You may contact us on Office Line: +233 302541573, Whatsapp Only: +233 209284777  and Email: [email protected] for any further clarification

We will respond immediately and provide you with instructions for payments.